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Janice's father took her to get her first tattoo at 16.  He signed her up to get a beautiful purple dragonfly between her shoulder blades done by an artist named Spider at a "hole in the wall" biker tattoo shop.  Her father remarks that he's the one who inspired her to get many many tattoos and loves her just the same for it!  Janice says "Although I've received lots of criticism over my tattoos, my family and friends really embraced that they were a big part of my personality and how I expressed myself.  They always loved the work my tattoo artist did."  Now that's full on support.

Janice's favorite tattoo is of a Capuchin monkey on her forearm as it's her favorite animal.  This particular tattoo kicked off her beautiful floral/jungle themed sleeve.  Janice does not limit herself to a particular number of tattoos.  If the feeling arises, she will return to her beloved artist, Rampy Vivian, to get more.  Janice has more than 6 tattoos-her full sleeve, one on her foot, her forearm, her stomach, inside lip, and middle of her back.  On her upper arm has a hand holding a bleeding heart representing "always wearing my heart on my sleeve." And she has a horned chameleon on her outer forearm, "representing my personality and how I am ever changing and can adapt to any situation I'm in."

Janice's daughter Tessa (who was 11 months old when we took the photos and is now 2 year old!) loves her mommy's tattoos.  Janice often finds her drawing on her own arm so that her and mommy can match.  In Janice's own words, the best part of being a mom is "the unconditional love that you feel for your child, and knowing that you'd do anything for them.  It's indescribable and makes you feel like Superwoman."


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Megan Tattoo Mama https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2017/5/megan-tattoo-mama For my next installment in the Tattoo Mama Project, let me introduce teacher and mother Megan Drozd!  Megan is mama to two little boys, Elijah (4) and Noah (2).  Megan has 7 different tattoos in various places.  Her very first tattoo at age 18 was a shooting star and clouds.  Lucky for her, she had the full support of her parents when she began her tattoo journey!  Her absolute favorite tattoo is on the inside of her arm-it's a robot drawn by a talented friend who went with Megan to get the tattoo and see her work come to life.  Funny enough, Megan tried to cover her tattoos in her wedding dress but quickly realized that the prettiest dresses were the ones that fully displayed all of her body art.  As far as her job, Megan describes having tattoos while being a teacher to be a "sticky situation".  Sometimes, the message is that her tattoos are fine, while other times she felt that she needed to cover them.  Her students however were always thrilled to realize that their teacher had tattoos!  She used this opportunity to teach them that they have to think carefully about their choices.  "Tattoos make you unique AND responsible!"

I asked Megan if she ever experienced anything negative in regards to having tattoos.  Her response was so thoughtful:  "I’m super friendly, but I do find that sometimes other moms shy away from tattooed mothers.  Luckily, I’ve never had to deal with an outright situation, but I do know of others who have had some downright nasty things said to them because of their tattoos. I’m lucky to use some of my time at home to write for Chicago Now, a Chicago based blogging platform, as one of The Stable Mables. I found that writing about tattooed parents, specifically mothers, was a hot issue. Unfortunately, groups exist devoted to slandering tattooed mothers, simply because they are tattooed. These groups proliferate misguided stereotypes about tattooed mothers. The truth is that tattooed mothers are just as loving, capable, and beautiful as our non-inked counterparts. I use my tattoos (and other people’s alternative body art) as ways to talk to my sons about diversity, beauty, and acceptance for others who are different from you."

Megan's favorite part of being a mom is seeing the world through her children's eyes.  She glowingly describes her children as carrying an "infectious energy and positivity about the world, and I’m more than lucky to be along for the ride with these two gentlemen."

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Liz Tattoo Mama https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2017/3/liz-tattoo-mama This next addition to the Tattoo Mama Family just happens to be a special friend of mine.  Liz and Olive have been using my services since Olive was in Liz's belly.  I have loved both of them greatly ever since.  Liz is super talented and helps me out with props for my studio sessions.  She also happens to be tattoo'd so I thought of her right away when I started this project!  Liz has 6 tattoos total.  Her first tattoo was the Pisces sign on her right hip.  Her absolute favorite tattoo was an 18th birthday present from her cousin; a lizard on her foot.  Liz works as a server and luckily hasn't run into any issues with her tattoos at the workplace.  She very much wants to finish the birds on her shoulder and is figuring out where to put Olive's name and birthday.  Liz's favorite thing about being a mommy is seeing Olive's smile!

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Abrianna Tattoo Mama https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2017/2/abrianna-tattoo-mama Hi everyone!  Meet Abrianna, the next great addition to our Tattoo Mama project.  Abrianna is a student and a mom.  She has a little 1 year old bundle of joy named Bradley.  Abrianna has 5 tattoos total.  Her first tattoo is of her grandmother's name and birthday.  Abrianna commented that her most meaningful and favorite tattoo is a quote from Matthew (7.7) in the Bible:  "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."  Abrianna has found herself a lucky tattoo connoisseur in that she has never received any negativity for her tats.  Woo hoo!  

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Tattoo Mama Chantel https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2017/1/tattoo-mama-chantel For our next Tattoo Mama, let me introduce Chantel!  Chantel is a mama of 1, Mr. Sully, who just turned 2 in October.  Chantel has 3 tattoos, one of them being a coverup.  She describes her first tattoo as a star with an American flag in it.  To her, this signifies her 4th of July birthday.  She thought this was a really "cool" idea, but alas this is the one that has been since covered up.  

Chantel's favorite tattoo is "the tree on my left ribs.  I was in a bad car accident when I was 16 and hit a tree with the car I was driving.  I had 9 surgeries and over the years became a pretty big fan of pain pills.  When I decided enough is enough and finally weaned myself off, this tattoo was my congratulations to myself.  I didn't realize it until the tattoo artist was asking me how I got started on the pills and I started telling him the story about the car accident.  He looked at me and said "so now you've come full circle."  :) I've had it for 5 years."  What a great tattoo to go along with a momentous life moment!

Chantel has luckily never had a negative response about her tattoos from anyone she associates with.  She has gotten a lot of questions, but she finds people to be "pretty open about that kind of stuff."  She would love more tattoos someday.

Chantel is a stay at home mom to her very sweet Sully!  So technically, her boss doesn't have much to say about her tattoos!  "Sometimes when I'm changing he will come up and touch my side and say "tree"."  How cute!

Chantel says that "the best part about being a mommy is every day.  The little things that might go unnoticed to some.  Like a cute little look or when he reaches out to grab my hand.  Seeing him learn and watching him interact with other kids.  And the mooches!! There's nothing better in the whole world than when he says "yayu mama" before I even get a chance to say it first.  And when he plants a big mooch on me, I just melt.  OHhhh and the hugs! The big squeeze hugs when he puts his head on my shoulder!! Ok, so basically all of it! I love being a mommy!"  Kudos to you Tattoo Mama Chantel!  Keep up the awesome work!

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Tattoo Mama Melissa https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/12/tattoo-mama-melissa Our next tattooed mama is Melissa Merino, a chef and artist who's son turned one on Halloween. The love she has for her child is obvious in the photos. She believes 'you truly find your purpose after becoming a parent.'  Even though her parents do not support her love of tattoos for religious reasons, most everyone she knows either 'has or appreciates the art of tattoos.' Her favorite piece of the 10 and counting tattoos she already has? A Kitchenaide mixer. Perfect for a chef! She is currently self-employed which allows her to be worry free about negativity about her tats in the work place. But in the past she was asked to cover her neck and arms because of her ink. But that doesn't stop this gorgeous tattooed mom from wanting more, when asked about plans for new tattoos she says, 'yes - lots! The more the merrier.'

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Tattoo Mama Jessie https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/11/tattoo-mama-jessie Jessie Riley, a tattooed stay at home mom, babysitter, Instagram seller and general superhero has two little girls (Josie, 4 and Charlotte, 2) who like their mama's ink. Jessie says they have a lot of fun with 'temporary ones'. Her favorite part of being a mom? 'The endless love & joys from your babies! They don't judge you, they just show you endless love no matter what. '  This lovely tattooed mama has four different tattoos and her very first one which is on her lower back of a half butterfly, tribal mix, she says was 'awesomeness at 18!' She describes her other tattoo offerings with love: 'My rosary tattoo. My grandma Charlotte gave me the rosary. I customized the tattoo to my Maltase heritage w/ the half red/white cross. The anchor was for my momma, who docked at Ellis island at 5 years old with her family. I also have a European cross in honor of my moms Ukraine heritage.  Lastly a time clock, to remind us that time/change is always happening!' With such a story of devotion it's hard to believe that some people still have an issue with tattoos. When asked if anyone she knows responds negatively she said, 'Friends, yes. Family, it's split.' But that doesn't stop her from planning her next session in the parlor chair, she wants to incorporate 'some hand writing from my mom & mother in law'.  

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Cathy Tattoo Mama https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/10/cathy-tattoo-mama My next tattooed mama is Cathy Madiar, a recruitment manager for an airline catering company. Her son is 2 year oldHer tattoos, of which she has 8, began with a set of hearts on her posterior and have evolved into her favorite tattoo of her sons' name. She says the unicorn she sports on her left side is a 'close second'. Her family is 'a little more conservative' and were 'disappointed' about Cathy's tattoos. However, she says, 'they have come around and when I ask them, "do you love me any less?" they say, "of course not!"' Her friends are nothing but supportive and join her when she gets inked. She already has a new session scheduled for November. She loves being a mom. When asked what her favorite part about it is she said, All the love, all the feels, and all the things this amazing little human has taught me. I am a better person because of him'.

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Tattoo Mama-Hagar https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/10/tattoo-mama-hagar  

Hagar Levinger is a stay at home tattooed mama. Her children are 8 month old Julian and 2 year old Corinne.  Her favorite part about being a mother is 'being called mommy'. Currently, she has but one tattoo - a Pegasus on her shoulder which she got when she was 22. Her 2 year old likes to touch the Pegasus and says 'mommy, horse'. Even though she was 'sad' to learn her husband is 'very much against' tattoos, she has a plan to get at least 2 more. Good for you, Hagar!

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Tattoo Mama Denise https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/9/tattoo-mama-denise Denise Agostinelli, is a Trademark Administrator for a large infant formula company and tattooed mama to an adorable 4 year old boy, Christiano. She and her husband (a Chicago fireman and tattoo artist) were married in Los Angeles and both got matching tattoos on their wedding day. She says the matching tattoo she got in honor of her marriage might tie as her favorite tattoo along with 'a heart with my son's name and birthdate'. She says she stopped counting how many tattoos she has at number 7. She has many different creations and 'many are part of another piece and have been added on'. In the works for future ink will be a cover up of a 23 year old tattoo for someone she thought she would 'be with forever'. Ahh, young love. With two full sleeves of artwork, Denise chooses to cover her arms at all times while at work simply for 'my own comfort level. I get look at and judged all the time. The looks are very blatant, and never bother me.' She is a strong tattooed woman who embraces her sons' interest in the artwork etched into her skin. 'He will occasionally "tattoo" himself and his arms with his washable magic markers to be "like mama" or "like daddy"'. 
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Tattoo Mamas-Kelly https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/9/tattoo-mamas-kelly Kelly Heldt is a tattooed history student and stay at home mom of two boys, August (4) and Archer (6). When asked if she ever had a negative experience because of her tattoos she said, 'I get a lot of very dirty looks and some negative comments.' Despite the closed minds of some, she sports her ink proudly and the love she shares with her boys is evident in each photo. Only 18 when she got her first tattoo, 'a dumb 90s face on my thigh' has since been covered up with a Chinese lucky cat holding a scroll that reads "ever since I have been born, things have seemed very unusual."  She also has a drawing of a gear on her left arm above her elbow drawn by Archer, which she says is a favorite of her 25 tattoos. When asked what the boys think of her body art she said, 'My kids love them. They like it when I get a new tattoo, so they can examine it, then touch it when it's fully healed.' Her favorite part of being a mother? 'Talking to the A&A Wrecking Crew and getting their perspective on things. The older they get, the more interesting they are.' Perhaps they will grow into young men who embrace ink just as much as their mama does?
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Tattoo Mamas-Chloe https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/9/tattoo-mamas-chloe The first mother I want to highlight from my Tattoo Mama Project is Chloe.  She drove all the way down to Chicago's south side from Wisconsin just to participate in this project.  She could not contain her excitement to be a part of this!  She was a delight to work with and I thank her for the rain dance she did in order to keep the rain away and keep our shoot on schedule!

Chloe is a tattooed stay at home mom with an 11 month old baby girl named Evelyn. She says, 'It's the best job I have ever had.' Family is very important, she says her favorite of her 12 tattoos is 'the one that represents my husband and baby', it's a tattoo of the galaxy with two stars that represent her daughter and husband. The two stars stand out because they are the most important things in her world/galaxy. She has a no nonsense attitude when it comes to family members' opinions about her ink. Her grandmother doesn't 'like' her tattoos. Her response? 'If you don't like tattoos, then don't get one.' Meanwhile, little Evelyn seems supportive of her mom's tattoos because, while nursing she, always 'looks at them and grabs them.' Chloe's favorite part about being a mother is, 'the love (this can be a blessing and a curse), the pride, the adventure and the opportunity to raise on less asshole.' Evelyn has a smart and strong tattooed mama.

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My First Birth https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2016/8/my-first-birth I had the distinct privilege and honor to photograph my first birth on July 29th.  Birth photography has always been something that has called to me.  I can see 800 different versions of birth photography and still see different things while also seeing the commonalities of giving birth that should bring all moms together.  The images are so powerful and awe inspiring that I knew, as a photographer of all things Motherhood and a mother myself, I needed to have this experience.  Kelsey and baby Aiden made that happen for me and for that I am forever grateful.

Kelsey is a doula who decided she wanted her second birth to be a home birth.  She assembled a great birth team that included her amazing husband, her 3 year old daughter, her mother and her mother in law, as well as two midwives (and me!).  When I first walked into the house, things were quiet and calm.  As I was rushing down rte 55 to get to Romeoville after receiving the "I'm at 8cm" text, I tried to picture what I would be walking into.  For some reason I thought that she'd already be yelling and screaming and cursing.  Quite the contrary, I walked in and she greeted me at the door with her trusty water and smiled through some deep breaths as she allowed the contraction to roll through her.  It was at that point that I could not wait to get my camera out and start documenting her journey.

Through this experience there were things that became truths for me about women and birth:

1)  Women are amazeballs!  Wow.  Our bodies, our pain tolerance, our ability to multi task, our ability to nurture and love and experience things to the fullest is  amazing to me.  Watching her body hold onto the contraction and then let it go, feeling herself pass through the different phases of labor was very inspiring.  Listening to her breath through a really hard contraction and then as soon as it ended, rattle off something on her to do list, shows just how crazy, funny, and fascinating our systems are as women.  And finally, as she pushed that baby boy out of her, and the pain melted away and she wanted to do nothing but hold him, it not only reminded me of my own birth but brought me closer to women everywhere.

2)  I haven't seen many births but I've talked to lots of moms.  I think that the feeling of "I can't do this!" during the transition phase of birth is totally universal.  There was something comforting about hearing Kelsey say "I'm not doing a good job."  Her birth team assured her that she was in fact doing an amazing job and to keep going.  That exact thing happened to me.  I swore I wasn't pushing right.  I swore that I was doing damage to my baby.  I swore that people were lying to me when they said I was doing what I was supposed to and that my boy would be out soon.  I experienced it twice!  There's something about going through that moment at your most vulnerable and tired, having your team there to support you, and then seeing that they were right because now you are holding your baby!  It really makes the moment set in that we can do anything we set our minds to!

3)  Birth is messy!  If you can get past the squeamish stuff and the discomfort that comes from seeing someone in pain and knowing you can't do anything to help, it's a once in a lifetime thing to witness first hand.  Even though I had given birth twice, experiencing it literally from the other side was an entirely different perspective.  I found myself holding my breath as she pushed her baby's head and shoulders out.  I didn't breath again until that baby was pulled out entirely and placed on her chest.  Then I felt tears welling up in my eyes.  Tears of joy, relief, and excitement!  It is everything that people tell you it is, that moment that life begins.  Words can't really accurately describe.

So I invite you to watch Kelsey's journey unfold.  I love how the images show her different phases of pain and exhaustion and then elation.  I loved doing this and hope I have the pleasure of experiencing it again!

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Best of https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2015/9/best-of Wow guys!  I won a Best of 2015 award from Thumbtack!  That's pretty great :)


Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

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Boutique Noir Decades Photo Shoot https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2015/4/boutique-noir-decades-photo-shoot What a fantastic collaboration experience I had with Courtney Olson of Boutique Noir Salon.  She had a vision to bring to life a photo shoot showing styles (hair, make up, clothes) from all the decades.  Courtney is the consumate professional and extremely organized.  The studio spaced we rented (Creative Studio Space) in Logan Square was the perfect backdrop to the conversations and workings of all of the fabulous women I had the honor to work with that day.  The soundtrack of our day was made up of Courtney's ecclectic playlist blaring from her iphone that traveled with her between rooms while she either blow dryed a model or set one up to get photographed, making sure all details were ironed out.  Her two other cohorts in business, Lauren (Elle) Perrone and Leana Marie were also attending to their models and making sure every sparkle, bow, eyelash, and hair was in place.  

I personally see Courtney for my hair and recommend her highly.  She is creative and methodical and will make sure your vision comes true.  If you don't have a vision, no fear, she will come up with something that will not only have you swarmed with compliments but will make you happy everyday you look in the mirror.  I love collaborting with such smart women in business!  It's a great feeling to help each other out and hit the ground running.  I'm sure this is just the first of many more collaborations with Boutique Noir Salon.

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Indiegogo https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2014/3/indiegogo Hi All!  I'm in an exciting part of my career right now!  I just started an Indiegogo campaign in hopes to raise money to upgrade my photography equipment just in time for the busy summer season.  I'm excited because my "perks" include photography projects that could keep me busy and happy all summer long.  I love that these kind of opportunities now exist.  It's so hard to start up your own thing sometimes.  I want to improve my photography in order to improve my business and in order to do that I need to improve my equipment but can't do that without money!  I'm hoping through this I learn a lot, meet some new people, take awesome pictures of families in the area as well as more pictures of Chicago.  It's a fun endeavor, whether or not it works.  I'm just proud I completed it and put it out there.  We'll see what the cosmos have to say about it all!




Please support me :)

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The Project https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2013/11/the-project I was so excited to finally get my project out and share it with everyone that I forgot to explain the sentiment behind it.  I'm a new mom.  I'm 10 months into my new job and I'm in love.  I was 10 seconds into my new job and I was in love.  Truly no one can explain to you what having a child does to your emotional state.  Saying it is life changing doesn't seem to do it justice.  The love I feel for this new little life is still overwhelming to this day.  The vulnerability I feel is palpable.  It's one of life's gifts that I am privileged to be able to be a part of.

That being said, I remember crying, A LOT, the first few months.  And mainly, I was crying because I couldn't figure out this breastfeeding thing.  I went to the class, talked to all my mom friends about it, read books, but still nothing can prepare you for the feeling of breastfeeding.  Of knowing that no one else can do this job but you.  Of feeling, everyday, that your sole purpose is to give this child your milk.  I have never known what it feels like to be a cow and now I feel as though I understand their existence all too well.  And my kid was easy!  He latched on within 30 seconds of coming out of the womb.  I can't imagine living through all the trials and tribulations that other moms go through on a daily basis.  But what made it all worth it and still makes it worth it are those little moments with your baby that no one else can have with them.  It's those adorable faces that look up at your while they happily suckle away.  It's knowing that your boobs are so powerful that they can make your baby stop crying instantly, no matter what is causing their tears.  I mean, we ladies know that our "ladies" are powerful things, just ask any male or watch TV for two seconds.  But seeing our breasts as life giving and watching your baby grow...nothing can top that feeling.  

Oh but the time it takes!  I would sit there with my son for over 90 minutes breastfeeding him sometimes.  My mind had nothing else to do but wander.  And wander it did onto some images of beauty.  I thought about how great a picture would be capturing this quiet moment with my child.  I thought about the different lighting that goes on and how everyone's nursing area looks different (mine had a nice rocking chair and ottoman, the Boppy, and I played a playlist made especially for my son over and over again).  I wanted to capture all those things!

I also starting to follow an online community on Facebook.  A lot of the focus was around the women on their asking their questions about breastfeeding but also venting about how much breastfeeding isn't understood and how frustrating it is to cover up your baby in public because you have to feed them.  I can attest to how annoying it is to drape this "utter cover" over you while your baby is screaming for food and comfort and kicking and clawing so much that you might as well not be covered at all.  I applauded all the women not afraid to nurse in public.  Which was the part 2 inspiration for my project.  I wanted ladies who weren't afraid to show the world that it's ok to nurse your baby anywhere and everyone can just get over themselves.  

So there it is in a nutshell.  I was on vacation on a lake in upstate NY describing these things to my husband and he encouraged me!  He told me I should get word out and get volunteers.  He told me he would help me in anyway that he could.  That I day I posted to Breastfeed Chicago and had such an overwhelming response I had to create an excel sheet...I tend to not create such things on my summer vacation!  I met so many wonderful women who were so open and honest and lovely.  I'm so glad that I did this just to meet other women doing the same things I was doing on a daily basis and know that you're not alone and you always have support.  If this project says that to one other lady out there, or makes a pregnant woman think about her feeding options for even one more second, then I'm thrilled.  

To see the project, please click on The Beautiful Bond link or click here:  www.honeybrownphotography.com/thebeautifulbond 

Also, I had my pictures done.  My friend Jennifer Kong (Greyberry Photography) also helped me so much see out my vision into reality.  She also took my breastfeeding photos and I'd like to share them now.  Our styles vary but she captured the sentiment behind the photos and I cherish mine.  No, I won't someday embarass my son by showing them to his future wife or husband.  But I do hope someday he will look at them and think about that bond that we formed right from the very first breath he took.

*Even though these images have my watermark, they are indeed taken by Greyberry Photography/Jennifer Kong.

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Trying this out https://www.honeybrownphotography.com/blog/2013/9/trying-this-out So I'm working on branding myself and creating a new and improved website in hopes that one day I could sustain my family on my photography and stay home with my kids.  Wish me luck!

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